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Supporting Evidence

Where are we now? A reflection on sixty years of keeping England tidy

This paper considers the development of local environmental quality policy over the last 60 years. It reflects on the progress made over this period using the latest research undertaken in England and overseas.

Making the links –  The importance of cleaner, greener places

This paper explores the interlinking nature of local environmental quality with other policy areas and considers the true economic and social impacts of poor local environmental quality. Policy areas considered include: green infrastructure, health, social justice, antisocial behaviour, design, housing, economy, climate change and quality of place.

Delivering improved local environmental quality

This paper examines the range of approaches required to deliver cleaner places – from the changing of people’s norms, values and behaviours through to the role of education and campaigning. It also looks at evidence on the most effective use of bins, the potential for incentivising behaviour through deposit schemes and reviews the role of enforcement.

Taking the lead - inspiring cleaner, greener places

This paper considers the role of leadership, from international through to individual level, and explores the challenges facing national and local government over the coming years. It concludes with a review of the role of community empowerment and engagement in achieving cleaner, greener areas, as well as considering the international context.

To read the referenced version of our manifesto for a cleaner England, please click here.