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Graffiti on a wall

It is estimated that English councils spend £27 million a year on graffiti removal and 90% of authorities think it’s a problem in their area. It can lead to the decline of an area and a lack of respect for the place in which people live, work and play.

Keep Britain Tidy  launched a campaign highlighting a simple message that ‘graffiti is not art’ and promoted a zero tolerance approach to the issue. The campaign was aimed to target politicians and local authorities to try and change their perspective and policies on graffiti.

All members of Parliament were written to asking them to endorse the campaign on behalf of the residents and businesses in their constituency. 123 MPs signed up to the campaign. A letter of support was received from the MPs offering the following endorsement: ‘Graffiti is not art – it’s crime, making our neighbourhoods look squalid, damaging people’s property and when it’s racist or offensive, it causes fear and heartache. On behalf of constituents and all right-minded people, I back this campaign and will do all I can to rid out community of this problem.’

If you would like to run this campaign or if you want to get involved please contact the marketing team