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Welcome to the Keep Britain Tidy Network

The Keep Britain Tidy Network is exactly that - a Network of organisations and their colleagues with a professional interest in managing and improving place. Whether you’re working in the public sector, private or third sector, and whether you’re a land manager or service provider, the KBT Network provides you with a one-stop for identifying, developing and delivering solutions to land management issues.

Our Network will share expertise through learning, events, activities and on-line resources, as well as celebrating and promoting success through awards, conferences and active learning. But we will also be a wider, more accessible and dynamic network which is committed to sharing expertise and raising standards across sectors, inspiring collaborative effort amongst organisations to make our places better.

A dedicated section of the Keep Britain Tidy website is your membership platform, and with no limit to the number of Network website accounts per member organisation, any number of staff can access the full range of benefits.

What does the Network offer?

The Network brings organisations together with a common purpose to make places better through sharing knowledge and experiences, by offering a wide range of opportunities and forums to enable members to work more collaboratively to develop and deliver solutions and to make a difference

Members have exclusive access to an interactive framework of practical tools, knowledge and learning, expert advice and networking opportunities.

Network Learning and Training

  • Dedicated section of the Keep Britain Tidy website providing exclusive access to a range of learning tools and material
  • Exclusive Network Learning including Action Learning, showcases and Boot camps
  • Discounted Training for Network Members

 Expert Advice and Toolkits

  • ‘Ask the Expert’ – advice provided by Experts in the fields of legal and enforcement, environmental management, campaigns and elected members 
  • Offence charting – stepped system to help prepare cases for successful prosecution 
  • A range of enforcement tools and templates


  • Ask the Network – an e-mail service for members to gain and share best practice and new ways of working
  • Keep Britain Tidy Network Conference – a platform for highlighting emerging trends and  showcasing best practice 
  • Keep Britain Tidy Network Awards –  celebrate your success and engage with other like minded 

 Membership Levels

There are two levels of membership each offering differing levels of benefits to suit a range of requirements:-

  • Full  
  • Introductory

For any further information please contact network.enquiries@keepbritaintidy.org.