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Our projects and activities

As well as doing more bespoke projects for our clients, Keep Britain Tidy’s research team continually undertake work to inform our organisation’s activities.

Examples of the work we undertake are linked below:

Measuring Quality of Life: Does Local Environmental Quality Matter?
Keep Britain Tidy’s interest in quality of life has grown steadily over the years. Through our technical support work, research and surveys we have found evidence that local environmental quality (LEQ) is a significant element in how satisfied people are with the condition in which they live. This report demonstrates that local LEQ can also affect what makes somewhere a good place to live, property prices, economic investment, regeneration and health.

London: Its People and their Litter
London has historically endured poorer levels of local environmental quality (LEQ) than the rest of England. In answer to this, Capital Standards was established in 2002 to improve London’s LEQ. This piece of research aimed to help Capital Standards understand which LEQ factors affect residents’ overall satisfaction with cleanliness in the capital and determined a strong correlation between LEQ and feelings of safety.

People, Places and their Green Spaces
This study confirms that over half of us use green spaces at least once a week and goes on to segment users according to their varied needs. The report is likely to be of interest to any public, voluntary or charity organisation and land managers who wish to further understand the general public motivation for using green spaces.

To find out more about what we do, take a look at some of our case studies.