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Google - London: Its People and their Litter

London : It's People And Their Litter

London has historically endured poorer levels of local environmental quality (LEQ) than the rest of England. In answer to this, Capital Standards was established in 2002 and ran until 2009, to improve the quality of the local environment in London. The aim of this research was to aid Capital Standards in understanding which local environmental quality factors affect residents’ overall levels of satisfaction with cleanliness in the capital. In addition, the research sought to establish links between actual standards of local environmental quality and the public’s perception of the local environmental quality.



Keywords -

London boroughs, deprived areas, capital standards, public perception, local environmental quality, litter levels, street cleanliness, public satisfaction, appearance of local area, drugs-related litter in London, graffiti in London, fly-tipping in London, litter in London, street cleanliness in the capital, street cleanliness,