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If you feel strongly about the litter problems where you live then why not write to your MP? Help us shout about litter in the corridors of power. To find out who your MP is visit http://findyourmp.parliament.uk/commons/l/
Writing to your MP is one of your rights as a constituent. It is a great way to help influence their decisions about things that are of interest to you. Your letter doesn't have to be long and detailed, and you don't need to be an expert in law.
When writing your letter:
• State that you are a constituent
• Explain what your letter is about
• Stay polite and positive
• Include your address so that they can write back to you
• Keep to one issue and try to write concisely - one side of A4 should be enough
• Explain your understanding of what is already being done
Then you should highlight what you want the MP to do. The more specific you are the better, write it in plain English avoiding jargon and technical words where possible. Indicate that you would like to hear from them.
Always remember to include:

• What happened or has to be done
• Who is affected / has to do something - the more personal, the better
• When did or will it happen
• Where
• Who said - where does the information come from?

Let us know how you get on.


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  • Walt78, West Midlands

    Littering is my absolute pet hate for the simple reason that it is so pointless and stupid, the view that it is a victimless crime is misplaced - it brings down areas/communities and leads to further "petty" criminal and irresponsible behaviour. If an area looks like sh&t then people treat it like sh&t. It is all about education (or lack there of). When I was growing up I was taught that you put your rubbish in a litter bin and if there wasn't one you took your rubbish home with you. There are some lovely woodland walks close to where I live that I regularly enjoy but find I'm spending more and more time as I walk these areas picking up and binning other people's rubbish - within a few yards I can literally be holding more cans, plastic bottles, crisp and sweet wrappers than I can physically hold. It depresses me to think that when I go back for a walk in the next day or so it will all be back there again. The situation Britain finds itself in was summed up to me the other day when I caught an article on the BBC's "One Show" about littering in Hyde Park (many of you may have seen it). The report approached a group of young lads to ask them about the littering problem and all they could say was "yeah it is disgusting isn't it, we left this rubbish here yesterday and today it is still here - what do we pay our taxes for?" I'm not a violent person but I really did want to throw the remote through the TV.

  • Christopher Shedden, Yorkshire & Humberside

    I just heard a person on the news is getting prosicuted for droping ash from her/his cigarette by the concil, ?? then why dose the council not fine /prosicute them selves for droping or allowing rubbish from recycling bins/tubs, eg, plastic bottles,paper,tin cans to cluter the streets, All appear more now from bins out side houses, (bins) thay use to put them round the back of your house (where the owner/tenent kept it clean) but now thay are in plain view on the front of the house and spilling out on to the highways, Now we have more litter pickers to try and keep up with the problems its not working the streets are dirty and more unplesant ,So we pay more for rubbish collection we put it out to the kerb our selves and it gets blown all over the estates mmmm and the clean rubish that we pay more to get rid of is now probably sold to recycling units,Is some one making a lot of money, Well the councils tender it out (cos its too costly) ?? and the private companys make money with the same rubbish ??? (I realy dont get this) I must be an under achiever (my mom use to scour the step twice a week to make it nice for visitors she`d cry now) as for me this is it i nolonger care do as you wish your kids will get the bill one day (sad init) ........chriss x

  • Jane D, South East

    Complaining to your MP does work - if everyone does it and complains about a couple of streets around where they live then we can make this gorgeous contry a little cleaner. Keep up the good work, Neil, and let your MP know what you are doing. If we all make a fuss then tidy streets will feature higher on the governments list of priorities.

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