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New Campaign Is Unveiled To Parliament

28 June 2011

Secretary of State, Caroline Spelman and Keep Britain Tidy’s celebrity ambassador Kirstie Allsopp will announce the campaign, to an audience that will also include representatives from partners; McDonald’s, Wrigley's, Imperial Tobacco, Coca Cola, and Network Rail. 

Love Where You Live is a cross-sector anti-litter campaign that aims to achieve behaviour change in the long-term.  By matching resources alongside the messaging of personal and brand responsibility it is the first campaign of its kind where the public, brands and the government all have a duty to bring an end to the litter culture in this country.

This announcement comes on the same day as a plea by Jeremy Paxman for brands to take more responsibility for their litter.

Jill Partington, spokesperson for Keep Britain Tidy said: “It is great that a well-known and respected journalist such as Jeremy Paxman has joined the fight against litter.”

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