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Clever Bins!

21 July 2010

Keep Britain Tidy is offering local authorities the opportunity to apply to become a partner in an innovative study which aims to increase bin usage and reduce littering on our streets.

This is a significant opportunity for those local authorities that are keen to trial a new and    innovative solution to littering, which could bring marked improvements to the street scene environment.

As part of the study local authorities will be given unique state of the art bins – completely free of charge - which are designed to attract the attention of the public and increase usage.

Funded by the organisation Clever Bins, the bins provided are solar powered dual function street litter bins, which are highly visible both day and night, but maintain the appearance of a traditional high street bin.

Each successful applicant will receive 15 Clever Bins (to add to their total number of bins), each of which will be installed free of charge in areas of high footfall.

Each bin will be maintained and cleaned on a regular basis by Clever Bins, emptying will be remain the responsibility of the authority.

The bins will be illuminated at night and present an advertising opportunity for local and national businesses.

Over a three-month period, Keep Britain Tidy will conduct market research in the local authority area to assess the impact of the bins on littering and bin use (the bins will remain in-situ for up to a year).

To assist with the research, local authority partners will be required to carry out on the ground monitoring at three stages during the trial to help assess whether the bins have changed littering behaviour.

The monitoring will be carried out before the bins are installed, midway through the study and at the end of the three month period (guidance will be provided for this process).

We are looking for local authorities across the country, with plenty of high footfall areas where the bins can be placed.

We are also looking for areas where planning permission will not be a problem and where monitoring can be undertaken before, during and at the end of the three month trial.

The study will start in autumn this year and we are inviting local authorities to apply to join the study through a short application process.

If you would like your local authority to be considered for the study, please click here for an application form.

Completed application forms should be returned to Rebecca Joinson at rebecca.joinson@keepbritaintidy.org.

The closing date for applications is midnight on Friday 13th August 2010 at 5pm.

For more information or an informal chat about this opportunity, please contact Rebecca Joinson on 01942 612668.

Further information about the Clever Bins innovation can be found at www.cleverbins.co.uk.


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  • Sam Helsop, London

    I saw some of these Clever Bins in Hammersmith. First time i have ever really noticed a bin at night to be honest. I guess they work. Keep up the good work KBT

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