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Keep Britain Tidy helps the government to plant 1 million trees

06 December 2010

Keep Britain Tidy is leading on the first phase of the government’s new tree planting campaign, The Big Tree Plant, by working with Eco-Schools to get 100,000 trees in the ground before summer 2011.

With the help of partners BTCV, Keep Britain Tidy has made 1,000 tree packs available to Eco-Schools keen to involve their pupils in the landmark campaign.

Overall the Big Tree Plant will run until 2014.  With a budget of 4 million, trees will be planted in urban areas that need investment in their physical well-being. 

The campaign also aims to reinforce the values of the Big Society by engaging communities in the planting and giving residents greater ownership of those areas in the future.  

The Big Tree Plant is the first government tree planting campaign since the 1970s.  Schools play a vital role in local areas and pupils’ involvement in the Big Tree Plant is vital to the creation greener urban environments in the long-term.

The partnership is led by Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) and The Forestry Commission with the support of Keep Britain Tidy, BTCV, The Tree Council, Woodland Trust, Trees for Cities and England’s Community Forests.

Phil Barton chief executive Keep Britain Tidy said: "We are thrilled to be involved with the Big Tree Plant.    We are delighted to be able to involve hundreds of schools and communities and thousands of young people from across England working closely with our partners, BTCV and ourselves to create green and sustainable communities."

Launching The Big Tree Plant, Defra Minister Jim Paice said:  “The Big Tree Plant will use the power of the Big Society to plant trees in areas where people want and need them. Using the enthusiasm of local communities and the knowledge of the groups that know most about trees and their unique benefits, we’ll help create neighborhoods that we can be proud of.”

For more information visit http://thebigtreeplant.direct.gov.uk


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