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The Eco-Schools Programme

Eco-Schools is an international award programme that guides schools on their sustainable journey, providing a simple framework to help make good environmental practice an integral part of school life. Eco-Schools can help enhance the curriculum and get the whole school united behind something important.

Eco-Schools is managed in England by Keep Britain Tidy, which has the most Eco-Schools in the world - with 70% of all schools in England currently registered with the programme.

The Eco-Schools mission is to help make every school in the country sustainable and to bring about behaviour change in young people and those connected to them so that good habits learned in schools are followed through into homes and communities.

Along with improving the environment, following the Eco-Schools programme can help schools to save money, achieve recognition and publicity, make links with their community, bring the curriculum to life and improve the school grounds.

What do Eco-Schools do?

The programme is completely free and once registered schools follow a simple seven-step process which helps them to address a variety of environmental themes, ranging from litter and waste to healthy living, biodiversity and energy. 

Pupils are the driving force behind Eco-Schools – they form and lead an Eco-Committee and help carry out an audit to assess the environmental performance of the school. In conjunction with the rest of the school and the wider community, it’s the pupils that decide the environmental themes they want to address and how they’re going to do it.

Measuring and monitoring is an integral part of the Eco-Schools programme, providing schools with all the evidence they need to showcase their environmental success. In fact, Eco-Schools can fit into virtually all aspects of the curriculum and help to make learning, both inside and outside the classroom, fun and engaging.

Schools work towards gaining one of three internationally recognised awards – Bronze, Silver and the Green Flag award, which symbolises excellence in the field of environmental activity. Bronze and Silver are both self accredited through the Eco-Schools website and the Green Flag is externally assessed by Keep Britain Tidy volunteers

Who can take part?

Any school can join the Eco-Schools programme, whether they’re a children’s centre, nursery, primary school, secondary school or a school with special status. Joining the Eco-Schools programme is completely free and is designed to be flexible to make tackling sustainable issues manageable and easy for any school.

Visit the Eco-Schools website for more information about the programme or to register your school.